Chat GP, MD

Chat GP, MD is an AI Virtual General Practitioner (GP) brought to you by Access2Care Family Medical Center and iPay Clinic. We’ve been providing quality healthcare to Arizona families since 1997. Here are a few examples of what you can ask Chat GP, MD to help you with:

“Diverticulitis Handout”; “I need a low fat diet”; “What’s a 1500 calorie diet”; “Give me a low sodium diet”; What is Vertigo”; “Tell me about Meralgia Paresthetica”; “folleto de diabetes en español”; “I need a 1500 calorie diet in Arabic”; “I’m on Norvasc”; “What can I do to loose weight”; “Achilles Tendonitis exercises”; “Are Lipomas dangerous?”; “What are the symptoms of a bladder infection”; “How about a shrimp recipe with low calories and low fat”; “Dessert recipe under 100 calories”; “Give me a questionnaire to see if I have enlarged prostate”; “Give me a questionnaire to see if I’m depressed”; “What are the symptoms of an ulcer”; “What are the symptoms of a appendicitis”; “How can I quit smoking”.